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When I originally set up this blog, it was to chronicle our trip to China to adopt our daughter, Kelly; thus the title, "To China For Kelly." But now that I've decided to keep it up as my on-line scrapbook/journal, the title needs updating.
Inspired by my girls, who, despite their ten year age difference, both love lollipops and lip gloss; it is now titled, "From Lollipops to Lip Gloss." This is not to leave my son out, who also loves lollipops, but isn't too big on lip gloss, understandably!

Monday, June 16, 2008

More Kelly! Keep These Coming Jen!

Just to caption the pictures…The restaurant pictures were taken at The Cow and Bridge Thai Restaurant- awesome Thai food! The family who is pictured with us: Troy and Mara, and their 9-year old daughter, McKenzie, (Camryn, you’d have loved McKenzie!) and their newly adopted son, Luke, who is 9 years old. The other guy sitting with us with the beard is Todd, and his wife, Rose, had run to the hotel for something, so she didn’t make it in the picture. The other ones are from a trip we took over the bridge to “the real Guangzhou.” Our adventure didn’t last long as it began to rain ten minutes after we ventured over, but honestly, that was long enough for me! Then, of course, you probably recognize the pictures of us in our spot at Starbucks. We’re regular “regulars” now. LOL
I just thought it was funny to show how you could see that Kelly was losing her patience with hanging out at Starbucks as the time wore on, thus, the pictures of her laying and rolling around in the chair!
Oh, and that one of her and Clint on the bed are just so you can see her yummy back. I love baby backs, aren’t they the sweetest?!


Connie Son said...

Love these pictures! Love her dress Emily and I were looking together right now and she said she is so cute in that dress mommy! Can't wait to see you all. We miss your babies here too! They are inside or swimming alot so we don't see them out. But I do call Jen and check on them and make sure they don't need anything.It's getting closer can't wait

Nana in Houston said...

You look like a very happy and contented mommy and daddy. And she is looking far more contented and playful. All is well.

Sophia's Mama said...
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Cheri & Shane said...


First of all, sorry that deleted comment was from me. I was logged in under a friend's account (I'm posting onto her blog for her while she's in China) and I forgot to sign in under my name. LOL

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed your blog entries so much while you're in China. The pictures are all so wonderful and Kelly looks adorable and so happy!!

It's obvious by looking at the pictures that she is the perfect addition to your family...worth every second of the wait!!

Can't wait to see more pictures!!

By the way, we LOVED the Cow & Bridge restaurant. Have you been to Lucy's yet?!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness gracious! The Kneips have scored another adorable child!!! Keep up the good work. I am really relating to Kelly's acrobatics in the Starbucks chair. Sometimes I feel like doing the same thing! The photos of the three of you and everything there is so beautiful. Would you hurry up and get back to us in California, please!? Love you tons, Momma/Nonnie

C&A said...

Love the pictures keep them coming!

Bard said...

Hey Jen,

I love checking each day to see if you have written or sent pictures. Thank you for taking the time to do that for everyone. I love seeing Kelly and hearing about her personality. I have to admit I really enjoyed seeing your sweet face in the pictures we got today. I miss you! I can't wait to see you all sometime.

Love you, Merl

Neighbor Kim said...

Hello Kneip Family,
O.K yes I think you guys are keeping starbucks in business. That is so funny that most of your pictures at starbucks are taken in the same spot. What will starbucks do with out the Kneips. ( they should give you some free stock in starbucks.) I also love it how you are training Kelly to Like starbucks . She is learning the smell.
I love the picture of Kelly in the chair with her bottom and feet up. That is so funny.
Jen I just want to tell you that when I look back at the pictures of you 2 before you received Kelly and pictures now with Kelly you are just glowing. You can just tell from the pictures how relaxed and happy you are. I just want to say THANK YOU again for letting us be apart of this SPECIAL time, You have no idea how much you have opened my eyes and heart. ( who knows maybe Jeff and I will be in China in a few years.)
Have fun and the count down is on. Carson Ct is WAITING!!!!!!!

Love ya miss ya

jamesenson said...

What a fun little personality Kelly has. The smiles and relaxed poses say a lot for how she's feeling comfortable with you. Bottoms up at Starbucks is hilarous.

What date and time of day were you expecting to be back home at Carson Ct? Is it the 20th? Don't worry, we won't be camped out at your door (as much as I'm tempted to). We'll let you get over your jetlag and let Kelly have some time to adjust to her new home and family before rushing in for hugs and pictures. Is the rain and flooding threatening any part of your travel plans? It sounded pretty nasty on the news, although I'm sure it's a big province and since you haven't mentioned anything on the blog I assume it hasn't been an issue yet. Just can't stand the thought of you being delayed even a little from coming home.


Nana in Houston said...

We are California bound beginning tomorrow morning (Jun 18th) so I won't be accessing the Internet for a while - unless lucky somehow. But know that we are sending positive thoughts and prayers your way continuously. We plan on being in San Diego the day you arrive home. I hope we get to see you while we are there. If not we will try again at Christmas. God bless you all - next time I tune in the Fab Five will be united!