Formerly "To China For Kelly"

When I originally set up this blog, it was to chronicle our trip to China to adopt our daughter, Kelly; thus the title, "To China For Kelly." But now that I've decided to keep it up as my on-line scrapbook/journal, the title needs updating.
Inspired by my girls, who, despite their ten year age difference, both love lollipops and lip gloss; it is now titled, "From Lollipops to Lip Gloss." This is not to leave my son out, who also loves lollipops, but isn't too big on lip gloss, understandably!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kelly - but no pictures

I was thinking about all the things we are learning about Kelly, and I thought I'd see if I could summarize them into LIKES/DISLIKES...

Kellly loves:

- bananas
- Chloe, our cat
- swimming in the pool
-refried beans and rice
-getting in her car seat because she loves to "help" me click her seat belt
- taking baths
- vanilla yogurt
- climbing
-her bottle
-taking rides in her stroller
-wild or silly horse play

Kelly doesn't like:

-sitting still (unless she's in her car seat or stroller)
-reading books
-getting her diaper changed
-hair bows or headbands or hats- anything in or on her hair

Kelly isn't crazy about watching videos or TV either. She likes music, but I can't tell if she really loves it yet. She usually does move to the beat a little, but only if she's in the mood. She also really likes to mimic us... she's so observant and will try to do whatever we do if she finds it interesting enough. She tries to snap and gets her fingers right, but, of course, she isn't quite able to snap them yet, so to compensate for the noise she can't make, she clicks her tongue. It sounds just like a snap, so she figures she's doing it! She really likes to clap, wave "hi" or "bye-bye" and she likes to blow kisses too.
She's been doing the cutest thing for the past week or so... when I pick her up from her crib, she will hug me and pat my back just like I pat hers. She also was not kissing us up until about a week ago... she'd blow kisses, but she wouldn't give us real kisses, but now we get actual, real kisses. SO SWEET. I think with the sleep she's finally getting with the noise maker, she's feeling happier and has been showing it in sweet little ways like this. I've noticed when I go in to get her from her crib after she's slept, her demeanor is slowly changing and instead of crying and being fussy, she's more happy upon waking up. Mornings are the best, she's almost always delighted to see me, which is such a nice change from the grumpy, fussy baby she was a week ago.
Other things about her: she sweats like crazy, especially her head! We can all be feeling a bit warm, but not hot enough to sweat, but Kelly will have sweat just dripping from her hairline!
Also, I don't know if I've ever shared this, but she goes to bed very easily. I think it's getting even better now that she has the noise machine in there, but she's always been pretty easy. I just lay her down in her crib, rub her back and sing a couple of songs to her, and kiss her goodnight. Sometimes she sits up and waves "bye bye" to me, sometimes she lays there and rolls around, and sometimes she sticks her white towel in her mouth and just snuggles in, looking ready to drift off within seconds, but she is almost always content to be put to bed. If she cries at all, which is becoming rare, it's for 5 seconds, tops- no joke! I guess we are pretty darned blessed when you think about it. We all do very much enjoy this wonder baby, and she seems pretty fond of us too.


Corie Barnhart-Grogan said...

I would always be very happy to see you first thing in the morning too, do you remember me telling you that you look like an angel in the morning?..with no make-up and all you are just so angelic looking and I know you still are! I think it's nothing short of a miracle that Kelly has adjusted so quickly and loving so many things. She is soooo precious, I really wish I could hold her and give her loves!! Whahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Why do we have to live so far apart?! thank you sweetheart for all your hard work in keeping us all up to date. I know I can speak for everyone in saying that we LOVE IT!!

Beth and Terrell said...

Jennifer - thank you for sharing that our daughter's were playmates at Yangxi! How amazing! I will definitely share Kelly's pictures with Jia. She is beautiful as is the rest of your family! Thank you!