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When I originally set up this blog, it was to chronicle our trip to China to adopt our daughter, Kelly; thus the title, "To China For Kelly." But now that I've decided to keep it up as my on-line scrapbook/journal, the title needs updating.
Inspired by my girls, who, despite their ten year age difference, both love lollipops and lip gloss; it is now titled, "From Lollipops to Lip Gloss." This is not to leave my son out, who also loves lollipops, but isn't too big on lip gloss, understandably!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday!

I just had to embarrass Clint a little for his 40th birthday with these pictures Nancy sent me. (Thanks Nanna!)
No, seriously, since I wasn't able to do much else, I just wanted to take a moment to honor my sweet husband's 40th birthday.
Where did this little boy go? I'll tell you where he went- he grew into an exceptional man, a loving husband, and a wonderful father. He's my best friend, my biggest fan, and my #1 help mate.
I love you, Clint! Happy Birthday- here's to growing old together with many more birthdays to share together!

With his younger brother, Bart

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Nanna in Victoria, Texas said...

Yes, WHERE did the all thirty-something years ago! Clint grew into every bit and more of what you wrote Jen! He is an awesome man of Integrity, Moral Character, and Faith!

He continues to have just ENOUGH of that "little boy spirit" left in him with his sweetness and adventurous nature!

Once more, Happy Birthday, Clint! I am SO grateful to the Lord for having shared in your life. You have been such a Blessing!
Love, Nancy