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When I originally set up this blog, it was to chronicle our trip to China to adopt our daughter, Kelly; thus the title, "To China For Kelly." But now that I've decided to keep it up as my on-line scrapbook/journal, the title needs updating.
Inspired by my girls, who, despite their ten year age difference, both love lollipops and lip gloss; it is now titled, "From Lollipops to Lip Gloss." This is not to leave my son out, who also loves lollipops, but isn't too big on lip gloss, understandably!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Heart Goes Out to Families Who Are Still Waiting

I don't know this sweet family in this video, but I love this beautiful song by Third Day, and the video is fitting, so I wanted to share it tonight.
I haven't listened to this song since last Christmas, and while it brought tears to my eyes last year because I was missing my baby girl and longing for her to be home with us; this year, it brings tears to my eyes for different reasons... tears of joy that our daughter is finally home, and tears of sadness for all of those who are still waiting.
Won't you send up a prayer for all those families waiting to bring their babies home, and especially for all the children who are still waiting for their forever families.



Nanna in Victoria, Texas said...

How heart wrenchingly touching! God speed the angels to deliver the babies to their Forever Families! To God be the Glory for having Kelly home this Christmas!

Connie Son said...

I finally listen to this, oh my goodness...I am crying! What a beautiful song! I can see where that touches your heart for that precious Kelly that yea! you got to hold this christmas!